Two unique 1 day seminars offering attendants the opportunity to work on their ideas and the art of presenting them.

25 April | Participants will work on their creative pitching techniques with Tom Evans in the Presenting Creative Work seminar. This session is designed to help you increase the odds of your ideas making it to the outside world. It will teach you how to structure an effective creative pitch presentation and present your ideas with more confidence. You’ll lean how to pitch your idea or execution so that it’s easier for a client to buy it than turn it down as well as learning how to read the mood in the meeting room, and adjust your presentation accordingly. And, perhaps most important of all, how to answer questions that are critical and handle objections in a tactful way.

26 April | Patrick Collister will lead The Business of Ideas seminar. Right from the start you will be learning how to conceive ideas the hard way, by coming up with them yourself. But it isn’t all one-way traffic. Patrick passes on tips and describes what he calls his creative toolbox, equipping you to make better creative decisions. He explains the important difference between left brain and right brain thinking. Crucially, he sets out the four points of conflict that anybody who creates for a living will encounter while doing their job.

By the day’s end you will emerge as a more confident and more competent presenter.

Optional | 27 April | Participants are invited to attend all activities included in the D&AD Festival for 27 April + discounted tickets to the D&AD Awards Ceremony.