The Creative Express is a programme organized by the ADCE designed to provide professional training and promote young European creatives.

It brings together the continent’s best young art directors, copywriters and designers, to draw inspiration and new methods of learning from their international peers. Hailing from the full breadth of Europe, the attendees work together to tackle a real-world business challenge in a classroom like no other.

The 10th Creative Express

This new edition of the Creative Express workshop will gather the best young creatives from around Europe during a 3-day digital bootcamp from April 30th to May 2nd, to crack a new and exciting brief based on the initiative launched by the European Commission: The New European Bauhaus.


The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary movement in the making, and the Creative Express participants will contribute to propose creative ideas to the important challenges’ society is facing. The final ideas will be published at the ADCE website on May 3rd.


In this edition, 31 young talents from 13 European countries, organized into working groups through the Zoom platform, will be guided by a panel of prestigious senior professionals:

  • Hans-Peter Albrecht (Creative Express Director)
  • Bruna Gonzalez (Freelance Creative Director)
  • Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer)
  • Patsy Haslinger (Gruppe am Park)
  • David Torrents (david torrents + alba font)
  • Irina Metneva (Vandog Agency)
  • Jamshid Alamuti (Neural Jam)
  • Charlotte Bufler (The Wunderwaffe)
  • Hannes Böker (Red Bull Global)

After three intense days of research, brainstorming and ideation, we present the resulting nice great campaigns below.



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#9CreativeExpress - Online
36 young talents from 17 different European countries were selected to participate in the #ViralCreativeExpress, the first digital edition of this programme done via Zoom. The talents teamed up to wake the power of optimism, hope and the belief in a better tomorrow, demised by the Covid-19 crisis.