The ADCE European Creativity Festival is a collective space for the European creative community to come together, be inspired and exchange ideas and experiences.

Challenged by the pandemic, ADCE offers a one-of-a-kind solution this year: a virtual and live event, all across Europe. Save the date and join the live stream event on 6th of November.

What’s the story behind?

Each edition of the ADCE Festival strives to present innovative ideas and models that challenge the way we see creativity and inspire shifts in perceptions that will help reshape the future of the industry.

As a curated event, participants are exposed to meaningful talks revolving around a major topic of specific relevance to the fields of design and advertising.  Most of the speakers go on to work hand-in-hand with the participants in one of the programmed workshops covering industry trends, new technologies and powerful working models.

All in all, attendees walk away with new ideas that can make a real impact on their work.

Why attend?

Be inspired
Explore how creativity is changing the world, and your role in this transformation.

Learn with the best
Get hands-on training from top industry leaders.

Boost your productivity
Learn new processes, tools and techniques that streamline workflows and allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

Exchange ideas
You will be able to connect and share experiences with festival attendees coming from all over Europe.

About ADCE

The Art Directors Club of Europe is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 to promote the best creative work in design and advertising from across the continent.

During these 28 years, the ADCE has grown from its 11 founding local organizations to the present 23. It has also evolved to include not only the award’s show, but also a comprehensive educational program and the ADCE Festival.