ADCE High Potentials: Impressions and insights of Julijus Rebič from Grabarz & Partner

Grabarz & Partner, the leading German advertising agency, will be joining us once again at this year’s edition of the High Potentials event. Their Executive Creative Director, Julijus Rebič, shared with ADCE some valuable insights and impressions on the talent scouting event’s significance, along with an intriguing hint for this year’s participant agencies underscoring what draws them back again to the programme.

Can you briefly introduce your agency and share your motivation for participating in the High Potentials Programme?

Grabarz & Partner creates outstanding, award-winning communication that resonates with people. We want to touch and move people. Because we know: Only those who move people, move brands and market share. With more than 280 employees, we work with prominent global and local clients such as Burger King, Deutsche Bahn, Dr. Oetker,, IKEA, Indeed, Lidl, ring, Volkswagen or Porsche. Grabarz & Partner is one of Cannes Lions’ top 10 “Independent Agencies of the Decade”, one of HORIZONT top 10 “Most creative German Agencies of the Decade” and top 10 “Most creative German Agencies of All Time”.

And this is exactly the motivation why we participate. We love great talent that makes great work.

What was your experience in the High Potentials Programme, and what qualities impressed you about the candidates?

I was really impressed that so many young creatives from different fields had the courage to just stand on a big stage and tell what drives them. Next to that, it is exciting to see how many great and creative views they have on their field of discipline and how they want to give their impulse on making and changing the creative industry.

What benefits do you believe agencies gain from participating in the talent scouting process of the High Potentials Programme?

Meeting and talking to talents from different nations in person and talking about their ambitions and matching them with the ambitions of Grabarz & Partner. And it is a great way to tell about Grabarz & Partner: what we stand for and what we believe in.

Has the programme facilitated networking within the creative industry? If so, how?

Besides meeting new talents, you get in touch with other agencies from different creative fields. The great thing about this event from the ADCE is that there is an exchange of views and discussions on how the creative industry can be changed or made better by new talents and the role they have. Because talent is always the future for any industry.

Any quick advice for agencies considering participating in the High Potentials Programme for the first time?

If you want to meet talents from different nations, and don’t like teams/skype/zoom/hangout calls: then meet a lot of talents, in person, in one place at the High Potentials Programme.

Grabarz & Partner will participate to the High Potentials Programme this year, what are your expectations?

I am expecting enthusiastic, surprising and creative people, who love what they do.

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