Best of European Design & Advertising Awards

The ADCE Awards exist to inspire, educate and unite. The best of the best, it brings together nationally awarded work to set the highest benchmark of creative excellence in Europe.

Known as the “Champions League of creativity”, the ADCE Awards is the only international competition to gather award-winning works from the most prestigious national European competitions. Participation to the ADCE Awards is exclusively granted to works that have been recognized at a national level offering them international visibility and promotion, in six different categories:

  • Film & Audio
  • Print & Outdoor
  • Interactive & Mobile
  • Design
  • Brand Experience
  • Integrated & Innovation
Special Edition 2020

In times of changes and difficulties, creativity is more vital than ever and, despite these Covid-19 unprecedented circumstances, ADCE still calls for the celebration of the best works achieved across Europe over the last year and maintains the yearly legacy it started in 1990.

For that reason, ADCE is proposing different solutions to keep on rewarding the best work and also adapting to the exceptional situation we are all facing:

  • The ADCE judging will take place online (only a few categories of Graphic Design might be judged physically).
  • Entry fees will be reduced a 50% in order to encourage the participation of as many local winners as possible and avoid stressing the economic situation of the agencies and studios.


Get into the 'Champions League' of creativity.
The Jury
Europe's top creatives to judge the Awards.
ADCE Awards 2019 Winners
"Viva la Vulva" wins Grand Prix 2019.