ADCE Creativity Trend Report 2023
The new European advertising wave: ADCE's first Trend Report curated by Patrizia Boglione

ADCE is excited to announce its first Trend Report, based on an analysis of nearly a thousand projects submitted to the “Best of European Design and Advertising” ADCE Awards 2023.

Trend Researcher and Creative VP at Translated, Patrizia Boglione, presents seven trends that are set to shape the European visual communication landscape.

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ADCE’s Trend Report is a guiding tool in the constantly evolving world of visual communication. It provides insights for creatives, brands, and consumers alike. Through its analysis of trends, the report not only captures the evolution of design and advertising but also mirrors our shared aspirations and beliefs.

The goal goes beyond showcasing global creativity excellence. ADCE’s Trend Report 2023 highlights varied interpretations of the human experience and how its perception is influenced by external socio-demographic factors.

Identified Trends

Seven trends have been identified from the projects awarded at the ADCE Awards 2023:

• Back to the brand roots
• Practical Realism
• New Collective Activism
• The digital fandom quest
• Rediscovering Human Uniqueness
• The Dawn of AI optimism
• Design Directions

Brands are stepping into the field of activism with increasing boldly claiming their positions and dedicating themselves to driving meaningful change.

By embracing these trends, we can push the limits of creativity, spark discussions, promote change, and establish a society where visual communication is not merely a means of expression but a motivation for meaningful connections and advancement.

About Patrizia Boglione

Patrizia Boglione is a versatile professional known for her expertise as a Brand Strategist, Trend Researcher, and Creative Education Designer. Currently, she holds the pivotal role of Creative & Brand Vicepresidente at Translated, where her focus extends to branding, creative translation, and cultural intelligence. Simultaneously, she is the Creative Director at Imminent, Translated’s cutting-edge research center dedicated to language, Artificial Intelligence, and Neurosciences.

In 2021 she founded Trend Alchemy; a trend lab where they identify consumer trends and write future narratives able to drive strategic thinking

Part of the Green Futures initiative

The Trend Report project was initiated as part of the activities promoted by Green Futures, in partnership with Creatives for Climate and Clube da Criatividade de Portugal.

This EU co-funded project aims to mobilize the European visual communication and graphic design industry to tackle challenges related to employment, economic resilience, smart growth, innovation, upskilling, and global competition.

The Green Futures initiative emphasizes the transformative role of the creative community in driving sustainability and climate action. It also intends to raise awareness about the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive amendment to prevent greenwashing practice