Agency Exchange Campaign: Let it Grow

Registrations for the new edition of the Agency Exchange programme are officially open. This year’s campaign, “Let it grow,” is signed by the talented Portuguese duo from Uzina, Beatriz Pinto (art director), and Carolina Cunha (copywriter).

This programme is designed for mid-level creatives who are willing to embark on an experience abroad with the possibility of professional and personal development. Pinto and Cunha’s vision captures the spirit of youthful enthusiasm and curiosity, describing this stage of one’s creative journey as “creative adolescence.”

This third edition of Agency Exchange encourages creativity, the discovery of new perspectives and points of view, and motivates creatives to embark on a journey outside their comfort zone. Young, fresh, and bold makers are welcome to take part in the exchange and live their professional development.

From a visual point of view, the idea of growth is linked to the concept of a flower blooming, developing in various ways and diverse shapes. Metaphorically, the programme, together with the supporting agencies, will be the water that nurtures these little flowers, giving them all the tools to flourish and to letting them grow. The petals of these flowers extend beyond the traditional confines, forming a “human-shaped” flower, the iconography of this 2024 campaign.

The campaign aims to engage both: agencies and creatives, encouraging participation in the programme. It’s viewed not only as an opportunity for individual creatives but also as a rewarding system for agencies to support the growth, learning, and development of their young staff abroad, ultimately strengthening their team upon their return.

With the collaboration of João Marques for the motion visuals, Beatriz and Carolina put together what ADCE is proudly announcing as the “Agency Exchange: LET IT GROW” campaign.

The Art Directors Club of Europe extends a heartfelt gratitude to these exceptional creatives, and their local club, Clube da Criatividade de Portugal, for amplifying the message of this campaign and making it bloom!

Registrations to ADCE Agency Exchange 2024 are now open till the 10th of May. Check out all the information here.

About the creatives
Beatriz Pinto
Art Director, Uzina
Since she was a kid, she took the “You can be anything you want…” a bit too far. Beatriz is an Art Director, currently working at Uzina, Lisbon, but she also makes her own clothes, owns a small shop, surfs, writes poetry, DJs for friends, plays tennis, does yoga, and creates critical design pieces. She earned recognition in international creative contests, such as CCP, and young lions Portugal.
She describes herself as addicted to three things in life: Learning, which made her go to another country to study at Elisava, Barcelona, and graduate from Miami Ad School, Brazil. Addicted to advertising, and extremely addicted to sparkling water to the point that she visited their factory a couple of times.
Carolina Cunha
Copywriter, Uzina
Carolina Costa Cunha, Triple C, or as she likes to call it, the best wrestler name you will ever hear. She studied communications and did a postgraduate course in branding and content marketing, but she attributes the projects in her current portfolio to the Miami Ad School Brazil. In 2020, she started at Uzina as a project manager for brands like IKEA, SANTANDER, THERMOMIX, and JAMESON, but once she got bored with Excel spreadsheets and organizing folders, she became a copywriter for brands like IKEA, ALDI, NESPRESSO, MIMOSA, and SAMSUNG.
Carolina has a strange addiction to pens, and although she has been working in this field for only one year, she has already written award-winning campaigns and been shortlisted at CCP and other international creativity contests.

João Marques
Motion Designer, Uzina
João Marques, Portuguese motion designer based in Lisbon. He is a graphic designer who loves illustration and always tries to combine the two whenever it’s possible. He enjoys experimenting and playing with shapes, type, and images to create expressive compositions. In every work he does, he brings his passion for drawing, music, and creation.