A 2 day seminar designed to delve into Art Direction and to explore the different work processes that an art director is involved in, from advertising to editorial projects and fashion. An opportunity to meet the best and most relevant creatives, and explore with them the role of art direction and its future.

Paul Belford. The role of art director in the advertising industry
This masterclass will help you to think visually and to learn the art of the layout. An actional talk that will give you helpful insights into the way the industry works.

Jop van Bennekom. The role of art director in the editorial world
The co-founder of Fantastic Man magazine will lead you through content, typography and image: everything that goes into designing amazing publications.

Jack Dahl. The role of art director in the fashion industry
A masterclass with the founder of Homework, one of the best teams of the moment. You will learn how to manage creative projects in the world of fashion communication, from concept development to the final execution.