The Green Futures Initiative was created in partnership with Creatives for Climate and Clube da Criatividade de Portugal. An EU co-funded project to mobilise the European visual communication and graphic design industry to address challenges related to employment, economic resilience, smart growth, innovation, upskilling, and global competition.

The Green Futures initiative highlights the transformative role of the creative community as a driver of sustainability and climate action and will raise awareness of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive amendment to avoid greenwashing practices.

The approach involves a diverse range of activities, including training sessions, dissemination projects, workshops, events, programmes and more.

Green Futures Initiatives

Creativity Trend Report 2023
ADCE released its first Trend Report featuring visual communication industry insights based from the nearly 300 works awarded in the ADCE Awards 2023.
Download it now.
Green Futures Awards
Integrated within the ADCE Awards, the contest will include new Awards’ categories promoting New European Bauhaus (NEB) values: European Star, Genius Loci, Green Star and Equal Star.
Traveling Exhibition
This dynamic exhibition features the ADCE and Green Futures Awards winners touring Portugal, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, the UK, and Italy.
“Best Practices” will feature creative minds behind successful works, aimed at promoting innovation and highlighting industry best practices rooted in sustainable values and processes.
Talks and Workshops
Prominent keynote speakers will lead Creative Festivals organized by creative clubs, focusing on relevant topics to the NEB and its impact on the creative industry. Workshop “The Atlas of Weak Signals” will also be presented.
Climate Summit
Anticipating an attendance of over 200 influential leaders, taking place in Amsterdam, the Creative Summit is designed to serve two purposes:

ADCE Creative Express
The aim is to train and support young European creatives. This year, 30 creatives will collaborate in a 2.5-day workshop, guided by senior mentors, to address greenwashing challenges with a Creatives for Climate's brief.
Bridging the Creativity Gap
Together with D&AD, IAAC, University of Oulu and Kersnikova Institute, ADCE joins the European Union Erasmus+ Programme to address the creative skills gap between education and industry.
Greenwash Watch
Developed by Creatives for Climate, this course empowers professionals to deliver impactful projects by teaching skills to challenge briefs, identify greenwashing, create effective sustainability pitches, and execute with impact.
Applications for scholarships are open. Apply here.
Live Agenda
Creativity Trend Report
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Scholarships - Greenwash Watch
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