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People for Tomorrow

Headlining this year’s ADCE Festival will be the lecture series titled ‘People for Tomorrow’, where people who employ their creativity for good, who believe tomorrow’s problems will not exist if we start today, will explore & discuss the topic.

José Miguel Sokoloff
Global President, MullenLowe Group

"You Can’t Change That"
Time and time again we’ve been told ‘advertising can’t change the world’. Critics have said: ‘You can’t save lives’, ‘You can’t change laws’, ‘You can’t bring peace to the world’. But maybe we can.

Drawing from his own experience, Sokoloff will explore how creativity is our most powerful tool for inspiring and affecting change.
Laura Hunter
Creative Director, Futerra

"Creativity and The Climate Emergency"
We’ve all read the headlines, and the science is clear: we’re facing an unprecedented global emergency.
It’s time to unleash our imagination and creativity to tackle humanity’s greatest challenge.

In her talk, Laura Hunter will share her thoughts on how we as creatives can rise to the challenge and get to work on the most important creative brief there is.
Alexander Schill
Global CCO, Serviceplan Group

"Innovation by Design"
How do you create an environment that spurs innovation?
Alex Schill explores this question by talking about Serviceplan Innovation, a special unit that focuses on close collaboration with startups to create products and brands that make a difference, such as the innovative Dot devices for the blind and visually impaired.
Laura Visco
Deputy Executive Creative Director, 72&Sunny Amsterdam

"The Importance of Creative Altruism"
We often think about volunteering in the most literal way. What happens when creatives donate their hours for causes they care about?
In this talk, Laura Visco will take us through the work she did entirely pro bono, on the side of work, and how some of the passion projects that have been nurtured at her agency changed her view on the industry and the future of creativity.

José María Batalla
Founder & Creative Director, La Casa de Carlota & Friends

"Creative Activism"
It is time to change our industry and introduce purpose and activism in our way of working and thinking. Creativity has to be hooligan enough to revolutionize this industry and make our work much more meaningful, human and transformative. Using the power of creativity to improve people's lives and the planet should be our way of becoming agents of change for this capitalism that has become absolutely conscious.

Marian Salzman
Senior Vice President, Global Communications, PMI

"Change-Making Movements: How the Creative Class Can Move the World"
In her talk, Salzman will address the vital role of creativity-powered movements in evolving consumer behaviour, influencing action by policymakers and harnessing the power of the people to create meaningful change. She will also address her latest change-making crusade: #UnSmokeYourWorld
Oskar Metsavaht

Founder & Style Director
Lucy Black-Swan & Andrés Colmenares
Founders, IAM (Internet Age Media)

"The Everything Manifesto: A Thought-Experiment For The Next Billion Seconds"
Presenting a proposal of an evolving actionable manifesto that aims to encourage collective critical hope, plurality and solidarity between citizens and organizations, as we all get ready for 2020: a new decade that will demand an exponential growth of the responsibility and accountability by everyone.
Jamshid Alamuti

Member of Advisory Board & Co-Founder
Pi School
ADCE Festival's Curator
Fernanda Romano

Executive Director Digital Channels
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