Rewiring the Creative Machine
9-10 November, Barcelona
Explore the transformation of the creative process
A panel of industry leaders Wieden+Kennedy, Dropbox, and 72andSunny, among others, will discuss the transformation of the creative process.
The curator's note: 'Rewiring the Creative Machine'
"One key question I think many people in the creative business are asking is what the evolution of creativity will be" — Festival's curator Kris Hoet turns the focus on creative transformation and how it is leading to new ways of coming up with great ideas.
Five ways 72andSunny Amsterdam have smashed conventions with their innovative creative campaigns
72andSunny's Rey Andrade will draw on these experiences for his talk, ‘Creativity Needs Diversity’
An interview with Wildbytes Barcelona – creating world’s first interactive experiences
At the 5th ADCE European Creativity Festival, you can join Wildbytes for a behind-the-scenes creative tech workshop.
Three innovative creative campaigns from Cancer Dojo's Conn Bertish
Conn will present ‘Why dying made me a better creative’ by showing the role and power of creativity in a world under stress.
Barcelona, 9-10 November
Barcelona, with a history stretching back over 2,000 years and a unique identity, is known as a city that exudes culture and creativity.
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