The Drawing

Gold Award

Brand Experience

Point of Sale Experience and Activation

IKEA Italy

In Italy, child orphans of domestic femicide are ignored by everyone, including the Government, which was withholding €12 mln in funding allocated for them. Attention was drawn to this in the only way kids process their trauma and ask for help – by placing 2,000 copies of the same drawing by a real orphan in all IKEA stores. Nobody noticed it until the drama behind it was disclosed. The result created quite a conversation and unlocked the €12 mln in funds.


Film Director
Mauro Lodi
Agency Producer
Tommaso Pellicci
Production Company
Karen Klessinger
Chief Creative Officer
Luca Cortesini
Executive Creative Director
Gabriele Caeti
Account Director
Davide Bergna
Account Manager
Azzurra Ricevuti