Scars of Democracy

Gold Award

Graphic Design

Spatial / Experiential Design

Silver Award

Graphic Design

Illustration and Photography

Stroke Art Fair GmbH

The "right to exercise artistic freedom" under Article 19 of the UN Convention for Human Rights is increasingly under threat worldwide. One of Europe's most important urban art fairs, Stroke Art Fair, celebrated this internationally ratified human right with a special exhibition of ‘Scars of Democracy’ – a series of political portraits by street artist ‘capo's finest’. For the first time, street art was transformed into a virtual vernissage.


Production Company
Field of View Media
Julian Hartwig
Global Creative Strategist
Maximilian Florian Schöngen
Creative Code
Marius Landscheid
Senior Editor Content
Gareth Watson
Global Chief Creative Officer
Alex Schill
Executive Producer
Ralf Luethy