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European Anti-Bullying Network (EAN)

One in three teens falls prey to bullying. The European Anti-Bullying Network wants to put a stop to it by making bullies understand the impact of their actions. This was done by using GIFs, which repeat 1:1, unlike bullying, which worsens with each recurrence. Hence, these ‘Escalating GIFs’, shot with real victims and seeded on platforms like Giphy. The campaign reached 5.3 million teens plus 10 million via earned media.


Director of Photography
Chasper Senn
Film Director
Georg von Mitzlaff
Agency Producer
Georg Ilse
Production Company
Rabbicorn Films GmbH
Film Producer
Rayk Hawlitscheck
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nhb Berlin GmbH
Alexander Seib
Storz & Escherich GmbH & Co. KG
Alan Rexroth
Music Production
Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG
Uta Wittchen
Rabbicorn Films GmbH