DACIA Unnecessories Case


Promotions & New Media


Renault Group

Dacia cars are the smart choice for a new car. They have everything a person really needs, at a fair price. But how to convince people to buy a Dacia when other brands are constantly seducing them with fancy extras they will never use? The solution was the Dacia ‘Unnecessories’ – an exclusive and fun line of accessories made specially to satisfy the desire of those who insist on having unnecessary equipment in the car.


Freddie Brando
Director of Photography
Luís Branquinho
Production Company
Molotov Filmes
Sound Designer
Luís Miguel Melo
Head of Digital Producer
Edgar Meira
Digital Producer
Diogo Malheiro
Art Finisher
Rui Caracol
Head of Graphic Production
António Júnior
Video Editor
Inês Correia