37 Days

Gold Award

Film & Radio

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Silver Award

Design & Craft

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Film & Radio

Sound Design

Atlantic Groupe

To show how important heat is for life, the agency set up an experiment to create life in a hostile environment. They built a cube, divided into two sections heated and by two electric heaters, and brought to British Columbia, at 2400 metres above sea level in temperatures as low as -30°. In 37 days, this ephemeral installation managed to bring forth many flowers in an environment hostile to any kind of plant life.


Creative Director
Xavier Beauregard
Art Director
Jerome Gonfond
Hadi Hassan-Helou
Director of Photography
Olivier Staub
Film Director
Olivier Staub
Agency Producer
Antoine Grujard
Production Company
La Cavalerie
Executive Producer
Michel David
Vlad Doclin