Read ADCE's full statement about the conflict. Plus, other actions our community is taking to help.
Hermann Vaske: the European Creativity series
The German film director and ADCE bring you a new video-series that puts the spotlight on European well-known creatives.
Agency Exchange — Applications closed
Our new programme is open for creatives interested in having an experience working abroad for a few weeks, and agencies and studios to host them.
ADCE Awards Winners 2021
Dive in and discover the best creativity of the 30th edition of our international awards.
Remember, you are a member
Being part of one club gets you into an even bigger one. Register to the ADCE and join the European Creative Community.


Is designing for multi-screens causing you a headache?
Moving from static design to responsive design. Meet Experios, the platform to make this move seamless.
Refining the briefing for a brighter future
On the occasion of Earth Day this Friday, we have a look at how the creative industries are reframing the approach to the climate emergency.
Meet Susana Albuquerque, the newly appointed ADCE vice-president
The Executive Creative Director, president of the Portuguese Creative Club, has been a member of the ADCE Board since 2019.