Normally, it is not in the interest of the ADCE to comment on or evaluate political currents or conflicts between our member countries. In this case, it’s hard not to. We condemn any form of violence to resolve conflicts. And in this case, we strongly condemn Russian troops attacking Ukraine.

As a community that is bringing countries together and building bridges, it is incomprehensible to us what is happening in Ukraine right now.

In order to give the Russian industry no further visibility, we have decided not to accept any Russian submissions until further notice. In relation to what is happening, we also decided to suspend the Russian Art Directors Club from the ADCE for the time being. We felt that we had to take this decision out of respect of all other members, especially Ukraine, even if it is against our belief in a strong and united Europe, that lives and breathes through its diversity, different cultures, different religions and different beliefs.

We are aware that not all people in Russia support the country’s foreign policy. This being said, we would like to keep all channels of communication open and stay connected with the creative community in Russia constantly.

For our Ukrainian colleagues and friends, who are suffering unbelievable pain and sorrow, we offer all kinds of support on a broad basis in all our European member associations and throughout the whole of Europe. Our thoughts are with you.

For everyone who wants to help:

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