W6 | How to transform your agency to integrate tech
By Wildbytes (Jamshid Alamuti)

Nothing new! Every now and then, our industry demands changes. Whether the marketers stop paying for ideas because their CFOs are asking for ROI, or the war of talents pushes us to do things differently. This time, the wave is bigger than ever. Technological opportunities are overwhelming us. AI has arrived and is a wanted component in our daily work, while clients are way behind being educated enough to know what they want. They partially can’t even articulate a proper brief, and a lot of people talk nothing but buzz about what AR/VR/Metaverse and AI could and should do.

We will discuss what is to be done, how to re-org your agency to integrate all ingredients you need, to become the right address for the talent and clients, and how to integrate and merge tech into creative work and avoid falling behind. Let’s craft your client narrative and discuss execution.

Wildbytes is a Creative Innovation Powerhouse set to trend-hunt, design, code, and build stuff to help forward-thinking brands inspire people. In a culture of constant technological revolutions, Wildbytes partners with brands to help them navigate emerging technologies and cultural trends to connect with new generations. Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR/XR, Web3, digital experiences, phygital activations or strategic innovation are some of the ingredients within Wildbytes toolkit to move brands forward.
Jamshid Alamuti
Managing Director of Wildbytes Berlin
Jamshid is the creative strategist, running the Berlin office of Wildbytes, one of the most innovative communication agencies that bring creativity and technology together to serve their clients within Fashion and beauty industry to name a few. With his priority being the growth of the agency, and coming from a transformation consultative background, Jam’s focus is to connect the dots between technology, creativity, market and marketers’ demand, and what the audience and consumers as well as talents need to see to fall in love with the brand.