W3 | Welcome to the Imagination Age
by Patrizia Boglione

Our future is unpredictable. Society, environment and technology will challenge it. 65 percent of the jobs elementary school students will get in the future do not even exist yet. Some jobs will disappear, new territories will open doors. How can we re-invent ourselves to face this future?

One of the challenges of the upcoming era is how to implement the imagination process within the industry and how to transform creative jobs in real value. For the society, for the economy, for us.

A workshop that uses the tools of Creative Personal Branding to focus on creative potential, helping us to re-imagine our talent for the Imagination Age.

Patrizia Boglione
Brand and Communication Strategist, Translated
Patrizia has developed all her career in creativity and communication (McCann Erickson) and branding (Angelini Design), as strategic brand director, working for Italian, European and Asian markets. Today as a Creative Director at Translated, she's focusing her work on culture intelligence.

She is also a Creative Personal Branding certified practitioner, and helps people to optimize themselves and their projects.
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