W2 | The unpredictable can be positive too!
By Gema Requena (Nethunting)

The year 2020 has shown that the words “unthinkable” and “unimaginable” no longer apply. So the conclusion and first learning is that the unpredictable also has a room in this world. This is the beginning of the book “The twelve commandments to design a better world” from which we are urged to take a step forward in positive change: The unpredictable can be positive too!

This workshop proposes, based on trends as positive ingredients, how to project positive futures where brands, as the “agents of change”, lead us to those futures. Because, if the future does not exist we can prototype with the ingredients we want. Do you know what are the positive ingredients to prototype positively? We will review the lessons learned from this crisis, note on trends and what is the challenge for the future. With that information and the challenge in mind, let’s ask ourselves: how we envision the next 10 years?