W2 | Taboo Materials
by Robert Thompson (Materfad)

What if bricks made from human excrement provided better thermal insulation than common bricks? Are we prepared to insulate our homes with chicken feathers in the future? Or for our cars to run on fuel made from urine?

Right from the origins of humanity, waste has formed part of new opportunities that have been discovered or developed either by chance or intentionally. This workshop will focus on today’s context, with a planet on the brink of collapse and a scientific revolution that kicked off centuries ago, and will urge us to get on with new, hitherto inconceivable uses in materials.

Robert Thompson
Specialist in Materials Training and Creative Application of Materials for Innovation, Materfad
Materfad is the Barcelona Materials Centre, created and driven by FAD, Fostering Arts and Design. It works as an observatory of the future, conducting technological research and surveillance focused on innovation, sustainability and creativity through materials.
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