W1 | How to cocreate without P*st-it and G**gle
by Ian Gehlhaar (Fail Fast)

If you are looking for a new source of inspiration for your creative process, forget Google and Behance and join this immersive workshop that offers a sensory experience you cannot miss.

The workshop will aim to solve a major social challenge: improve the lives of homeless. Starting with a sensory walk through the streets of Barcelona to recreate a homeless journey and ending with an outdoor co-creation. The objective will be to explore the challenge by activating our sensory and emotional insights and by disconnecting rational analysis.

Ian Gehlhaar
Experience Design Director & Founder, Fail Fast
Fail Fast is an experience design studio based in Barcelona that provides value through design, accelerating innovation in a company without the fear of failure.
Their decision-making process is centered around Rapid Prototyping, an agile method to create a prototype of a digital product or service and test it in a real environment. Their bottom line is to speed up the decision-making process to save time and money.
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