W6 | Future Safari - Exploring innovative agency models
by Filipe Macedo (comOn) & Carlos Pedro Pereira (Galp)

What does the agency of tomorrow look like? Filipe Macedo travelled more than 50.000 kilometres last year to find that out. He visited 50 companies that are currently re-thinking the value an agency can deliver, experimenting with bold new organizational designs and diversifying what we make and how we work.

The learnings and insights from this 3-month journey will serve as inspiration for new agency model prototypes. In a fast-paced workshop, you’ll use first principles thinking to question every assumption —  and then creating new solutions from scratch. Instead of trying to improve outdated designs, let’s try to build completely new business models that can help reshape the future of the industry. Almost like a newborn baby.

Filipe Macedo
CMO, comOn
Filipe Macedo is a computer engineer turned marketing strategist, on the hunt for wild agencies across the globe. His life so far has been a wonderful mix of adventures. From degrees in Computer Engineering and Branding, to a national basketball championship and playing at major nightclubs and music festivals as a DJ. Since he got into advertising almost 9 years ago, he has produced a song, won the Young Lions Competition and was a digital marketing teacher for 3 years in two different schools.
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