W3 | Designing with AI
By Jonas Lekevičius (Product Designer)

There’s a wide set of tools that use machine learning to automate boring tasks, help generate new creative ideas, and even evaluate design performance.

In this workshop, Jonas will guide you through these tools, creating a design while collaborating with AI on every step. We’ll also explore in more detail what to expect from future AI tools.

Jonas Lekevičius
Product Designer
Jonas Lekevičius is a product designer currently working on a number of Silicon Valley and Lithuania based startups. Jonas has designed over 30 apps, being featured by Apple and Google, and has also worked with many global and local companies, including Coca-Cola, Vinted, Hitachi and Barclays. Besides designing interfaces, Jonas is known to experiment with many cutting-edge technologies, developing artificial intelligence, robots, experiences for VR and AR, procedural graphics and music. One of his most successful projects is ∞ Loop game that has over 50 million players around the world.