W1 | Co-Creation Patterns: A New Framework for Building Radical Collaborative Teams
By Alejandro Masferrer (Triggers)

Taking the most of the collective intelligence has been a top priority for many creative agencies and studios in the last few years. Despite the apparent need for a better guide on building teams, not many have succeeded in creating a flexible and robust system that makes their talent and ideas flourish.

During this workshop, we will learn and practice with Co-Creation Patterns, a reliable but straightforward methodology developed by Triggers, that aligns all members of the team with a direct method. Applicable the same, you will get tools, frameworks and resources to design and manage teams in an extremely efficient way.

Alejandro Masferrer
Founder, Triggers

Alejandro Masferrer is the founder of Triggers, a company dedicated to design and develop tools for the creative process. Since 2016, Triggers has been developing ideation tools used in some of the most respected agencies and consultancies in the world. Besides, Alejandro has experience leading and facilitating workshops with teams of companies like Ogilvy, adidas, Ueno and BBVA.