W5 | Can you pee standing up in the ladies’ room?
by Alexis Diaz

The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate the power of diversity in the creative process, through the work methodology developed by La Casa de Carlota, the design Studio that integrates people with Down’s syndrome and autism in its creative team.

A workshop to discover how the brain connections of different minds interact throughout the creative process implemented in commercial designs and advertising campaigns. A 3-hour dynamic session, where the attendants will participate in a process similar to the one developed by La Casa de Carlota in order to understand the contribution and why inclusion and diversity are key factors in their teams.

La Casa de Carlota
La Casa de Carlota is the design studio of La Casa de Carlota & friends, and this is our own transformative project.
A special design studio that’s home to creatives, professional designers, artists, design school students, creatives with autism and Down Syndrome, a Dutch girl, a mariachi and a couple of vegetarians.
We work with extremely diverse talent and have a serious conviction that creativity is the path to revolutionizing our industry and making our work more impactful.
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