VIRTUE Austria delves into the Creative Incubator 2020 theme

Ahead of the first module of the Creative Incubator 2020 that will host VIRTUE Austria in Vienna, we have asked some questions about the importance of diversity, consciousness and purpose in our industry to Dian Warsosumarto, ECD at the hosting agency.


Why do you think it is important to host the Creative Incubator at Virtue Austria?

A lot of our client work is informed by cultural and societal insights. A way of thinking that stems from our VICE roots, but most importantly comes from our diverse team of people with strong opinions and interests in things beyond advertising. It’s that energy that makes all the difference in our output and makes our house the perfect place for this special event.

What do you expect to happen in this creative gathering?

A clash of opinions and philosophies. Saying things out loud, that we still hold back in client meetings but are vital in creating a positive future with our clients. And a shift in perspective towards our industry, that needs a major update. We all feel that we need to change, when talking to friends and families. But we kind of leave it all outside, when we walk into our offices.


Do you think the creative industry has the potential to make a difference? How?

I do believe we can. But first we need to believe in, that we can change as agencies. Working in advertising today holds a lot of dilemmas, that we need to address. A conscious generation of creatives are entering the industry, who think and live by other standards, like wanting to work for brands that do no evil. How does that harmonize with an agencies service mindset? Also, can we create a non-abusive working environment that gets the best of us, without sixty-hour weeks and constant pressure? How can we integrate minorities, parents etc. better? That inside job plays a great part, if we want to contribute to a better future for all, in the long run.


Based on your experience with your clients, are brands focusing on conscious business? Do they have their purpose well identified?

Climate change and sustainability are topics, that definitely have led to a shift in communication. But I haven’t seen any Austrian brand genuinely challenging their core business yet. It’s a lot about finding new narratives to what brands already offer. And that can be a very powerful, too. When you identify what a brand can contribute from its own space, its business will change. The better the philosophy, the better it will make and also sell the product. And that’s still what it’s all about, when you decide to work in advertising.


Among Virtue Austria’s brightest campaigns is CLIO YOUR MIND, the first in car meditation training, created for Renault. A radically new way for a car manufacturer, to contribute to road safety. Check out more at


The Creative Incubator 2020 is looking at the role of creative industry, concepts around collaboration, cooperation and the impact creativity can have on implementation of conscious business culture. Join us in Vienna (5-7 March), Rome (4-6 June) and Lisbon (10-12 September).