The Creative Incubator takes another step forward towards designing new agency models

The first module of the Creative Incubator in Pi School Rome looked at the challenge of the advertising agency from the perspective of advertisers; considering the difficulties of the models, issues of internally affected stakeholders (including talents), and acknowledging the external drivers demanding the transformation of the industry.

After this scoping phase, the second module in Barcelona is taking the discussion to a deeper level. We will now focus on the client as a key driver. The challenges clients are facing in their businesses today are literally demanding the inevitable transformation of the agency model. Upon analysis, it becomes clear that it’s not the creative work that is under scrutiny, but the business model and the suitable business driven approach towards solving client’s challenges.

The second module of the Creative Incubator will, therefore, look upon and debate the following issues:
– Creative work from an advisory and consultative perspective
– The agency as a driver for product and service design
– Advertiser as a business partner rather than just a great artist in Art and Copy
– Creativity as the key to technological innovation rather than just a simplified communication concept.

Applications are open for the second module of the Creative Incubator, 10-12 May in Barcelona.