Creative Training Courses

D&AD creative training courses are immersive, hands-on workshops, with a focus on learning that actually sticks.

From traditional creative skills to cutting edge communication, these courses cover an impressively broad spectrum of topics, including art direction, branding, ideation, copy writing, digital design, strategy, team development, relationship management, pitching and presenting.

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Every year, the D&AD awards identify the most inspiring and innovative examples of creative communication from around the world. And the people behind this work? They’re the creatives, writers, designers, entrepreneurs and business leaders we invite to lead our workshops. For their Creative Training Courses, D&AD partners with the best and brightest from the industry, whether that’s a branding buff from an award-winning consultancy, a creative director with decades of experience, or a leading designer ready to revolutionise your approach to digital.


ADCE Scholarship: 30% off

General price: £560 – £300

Registration fee does not include program travel or accommodation costs. Prices are without VAT (exemption is applicable for certain EU countries).

Who should attend

D&AD Creative Training Courses are open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a creative or a client, and whatever it is your day job involves, you’ll take away tangible learning outcomes, so you can practice what’s been preached as soon as you’re back at the office.

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Multiple Dates – 2018


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