Jamshid Alamuti introduces the concept of Collective Creative Culture that will guide this edition of our Creative Incubator

The 2021 edition of our Creative Incubator is open to applications, and we have asked Jamshid Alamuti, its Programme Director and Facilitator, to tell us more about its theme and how it took shape, its goals and its brand-new format. Read below!

How did you decide to focus on the theme of Collective Creative Culture for this edition of the Creative Incubator?

After four years of the Creative Incubator programme, we had one key observation: we have helped many people to find their personal path and go through their personal transformation journey. In order to maximize the level of impact creativity and creative people can have, we decided to work on ways we can unify bigger groups of diverse individuals and build a COLLECTIVE. However, this diverse group of individuals comes from many different backgrounds, societies and countries, so we aim to explore how an overarching CULTURE, defined to meet tomorrow’s challenges, can be shaped. To make this happen, we started with the one attribute all members of this collective will have in common: CREATIVITY. So the COLLECTIVE CREATIVE CULTURE was born.


What is the goal of the Creative Incubator 2021?

Taking action to transform the world for the better, is no longer a question, it is an urgency. To make sure our actions have a critical impact, we need the critical mass, with collective knowledge and collaborative attitude of change-makers. This is the goal of the Creative Incubator 2021 under the flag of Collective Creative Culture.

How does the theme relate to past Creative Incubator topics?

We are moving from “I” to “We”. The last three incubators have been a support to personal transformation, or transformation concepts for singular companies, brands and agencies. This year elevates the concept and looks at more holistic problems of our communities and societies. So, we look for more holistic applicable concepts.


How do collective vs individual creative efforts work out in today’s agency culture?

The Collective Creative Culture aims to go far beyond agency culture. It is meant to expand the possibility of bringing a bigger number of people together and unify them for a higher purpose. To answer your question differently: the collective creative culture would unify many different agencies, from different countries, to aim to collaboratively deal with the same bigger and most relevant issues of our societies.


The format of the Incubator has changed with the theme and the difficulty to gather physically. How will the programme run?

This year’s Creative Incubator will be run mainly in digital format. With that, we aim to have much more participants benefiting from the content and from the experience. The programme lasts over 20 weeks, and it is designed to follow a weekly pattern. Participants will consume pre-recorded videos and uploaded readings from Saturday to Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday afternoons we will host live sessions, master classes, group work and project work. Upon registration, participants will have access to the entire content. Each week’s materials will remain available for the entire period of the programme. Applicants can therefore join the programme at any time and catch up at their own pace.


Who will take part in the Incubator programme this year?

As usual, the programme is open to anyone with a creative background, of any age, any country and any professional environment, as long as they are into meaningful action, or the transformation of their brands. It is meant for people who are hungry to learn about how creativity and innovation will transform and shape the future, and who aim to solve the problems of their societies through their creative talents. Founders and entrepreneurs who believe there is no meaningful service and product if creativity and purpose is not a core ingredient and every other pioneer who dares to enter the unknown and explore how a better future can be built.


What do you expect to come out of the programme?

The outcome of this year’s Creative Incubator is much more than models, blueprints and ideas, which we will regardless create and share with everyone. This year’s Incubator will be an authentic process of creating one of the world’s first collectives driven by creativity, united under a new cultural frame with a common goal of transforming the world for the better. This year’s programme will develop hundreds of ambassadors of the subject matter and spread the concept of Collective Creative Culture.