'Rewiring the Creative Machine' — Lecture Series
9:00 h | Door Opening
9:30 h
Welcome — Ami Hasan, President of the ADCE
10:00 h
Opening keynote — Kris Hoet, ADCE Festival curator
Happiness / FCB Global
10:30 h
‘The Case for Chaos’ — Neil Christie
Wieden + Kennedy London
11:10 h
‘How "tillsammans" promotes creativity’ — Julia Blomquist
Forsman & Bodenfors
11:50 h | Coffee Break
12:10 h
‘Creativity needs Diversity’ — Rey Andrade
72andSunny Amsterdam
12:50 h
‘The robots are coming! Ten tips to thrive in an age of automation’ — Pip Jamieson
The Dots
13:30 h | Lunch Break
15:00 h
‘Creative Incubator’ — Jamshid Alamuti
Pi School
15:20 h
‘Why dying made me a better creative’ — Conn Bertish
Cancer Dojo
16:00 h
‘The Passing’ — Marcus Brown
Performing Artist. Creative Mentor
16:40 h
‘Designing for Creativity’ — Maria Scileppi
'Rewiring the Creative Machine' — Meet the Speakers
17:30 h
A space where participants and speakers can connect and spark debate on proposed topics.
'Rewiring the Creative Machine' Workshops
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W1
‘Transforming the business of creativity: a magical primer for building a successful digital organisation’ by Rubens Filho (Abracademy)
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W2
‘Become Harder to Kill’ by Conn Bertish (Cancer Dojo)
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W3
‘The Secrets of the Unpredictable. Behind the Scenes Creative Tech Workshop’ by Daniel Torrico & Guillem Castellvi (Wildbytes)
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W4
‘Blockchain is WTF(mpoc): a Way to Transform the F***ing Messy Process Of Creativity’ by Gerrie Smits
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W5
‘Generate Ideas with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®’ by Enrique Conches
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W6
‘Generative Design, Processing the Future’ by Maximilian Heitsch, Korbi Lenzer (Moby Digg) and Saurabh Kakade (Serviceplan)
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W7
‘Out of the darkness and into the light. A performance writing workshop’ by Marcus Brown
10:30 h - 13:30 h | W8
‘Human Creative Machine’ by Maria Anderson-Contreras
Creative Incubator
15:00 h
‘Designing New Agency Models’
with Jamshid Alamuti (Pi School) & Axel Quack (frog)
High Potentials
16:00 h
Young talents presentations
18:30 h
Speed-dating (Only for participants)
Festival Closing Party
21:00 h
ADCE Awards 2018: Winners Announcement
DJ & Cocktails at Utopia 126