Rising Stars

The ADCE scholarships seek to raise the quality of the European creative communication by pushing the potential of our community—at all career levels—through partnerships with leading European institutions and professionals. The program offers exclusive scholarships and discounts to ADCE members only:

  • One full 100% scholarship
  • Two 50% scholarships
  • Three 30% scholarships


Apart from the scholarships, we offer an additional 10% discount to all D&AD and Hyper Island courses all year long.

D&AD Courses

Power up your career and future-proof businesses by focusing on the creative skills of tomorrow, taught by the stars of today. Explore the boundaries of creativity across four areas: Mindset, Industry Insight, Creative Skills and Culture & Technology.
Hyper Island Courses

Take a part-time, evening, weekend or online course and gain the momentum your career needs. Learn how to apply new tools, methods, and processes to your workplace and see real-time results and added value right away.

Winners of the ADCE Scholarships 2020 are:
(Announced on March 4th)

  • Gabriella Mussurakis (D&AD), 100% grant.
  • Artem Gusev (ADC*UA), 50% grant.
  • Nate Agbetu (D&AD), 50% grant.
  • Filipe Macedo (Clube Criativos Portugal), 30% grant.