To respond to some of the core challenges of advertising and design organizations, we have developed the Creative Incubator programme in partnership with Pi School. The programme looks at different triggers that could transform the business model and organizational design of the creative industries.

How do agencies interact with technology, such as virtual reality, AR, artificial intelligence, machine learning? How do they embrace integrative concepts such as consultative, solution driven, data driven, etc.? What are the potential future needs and demands of the clients and their consumers? How can they stay ahead of the competition and increase their potential impact to the advertising eco system?

Key information
Areas of focus

This programme looks at the various triggers that are generating deep transformations within the Communication Industry. We answer questions such as “where is the industry heading?”, “what are the necessary updates and changes agencies need to make in order to stay ahead of the curve?”, “how can agencies interact with technology such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?”, “how can they embrace integrative, consultative, solution-driven or data-driven concepts?” and “how does the need of our clients and their consumers drive the questions above?”.

The programme incubates participants’ ideate and concepts. It provides space for debating and test-run of the different solutions and generates models to redesign the creative industry.


The applicant will come from any department of a creative organization, as our goal is to maintain a wide horizon and consider the impact of upcoming changes on all corners of an organization. Besides, not only the creative department is considered “creative” in our eyes. Participants will learn and work on a broad spectrum of topics: transformation, digitalization, consultative creative solutions, technology integration, and the many ways in which the Communication and Advertising Industry is going to evolve.

Duration of each module

2.5 days

Cost per module

€ 2,400 (30 grants available per module, covering 80% of the fees)

Final Event
The overall results of the first edition of the Creative Incubator programme will be presented during the 5th ADCE European Creativity Festival in Barcelona.
10 November, 2018
Design Hub Barcelona
Past Modules
Module 3
6-8 September, 2018
Module 2
10-12 May, 2018
Design Hub Barcelona
Module 1
1-3 March, 2018
Pi-School - Rome
Session 1 / Inaugural Meeting
9 November, 2017
ADCE Festival - Barcelona