Full house for the upcoming Creative Incubator in Berlin

With 30 participants from 15 European countries, the third module of the Creative Incubator is officially fully booked. On 6-8 September, the creatives will meet in Berlin for the last module of this first edition. The programme designed by Pi School enters the home straight before presenting final conclusions at the 5th ADCE Festival in November.

After the scoping phase in Rome, and the shift of focus to the client in Barcelona, the third and last module of the Creative Incubator will further develop what has been discussed during this year.

Fernanda Romano, Founder, Strategy and Creative Partner at Malagueta Group, talks about the current status of the creative agencies, from the talent and client’s point of view. She gives us an overview of the topics brought to the second module of the Creative Incubator in Barcelona.

In Berlin, participants will start to review, consolidate and classify the outcome of the previous modules, putting the focus on the evaluation of the findings, design, and articulation of possible recommendations. The goal of this session is that of transforming the business models, re-designing the organizational structures, and producing a modular solution to be used by different organizations. With this models, each organization will be able to model their own concept to transform itself, depending on their dimension, culture, and strategy.