The ADCE Annual is a testimony to the great diversity of creative excellence being achieved throughout Europe. We hope you have as much fun experiencing the book as we had compiling and creating it.

An indispensable source of inspiration for media professionals.
22 countries with over 582 works that have previously received a national award.
Gather the highest level of European creativity.
You see, move, extend and rotate images, videos and links.
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For the first time
The Art Directors Club
of Europe (ADC*E)
is uniting design and technology to publish
the “Annual of Annuals 2011”, a unique book demonstrating European creative excellence. It is an inspirational tool for all of today’s communication professionals.
The best of
the best in Europe

The “Annual of Annuals” offers a unique opportunity to view the “best of the best” of advertising and design across Europe. It showcases all of the winning work from the 20th Edition of The Best of European Design and Advertising ADC*E Awards along with all of the Gold and Silver awarded work from each nation’s competitions. With 582 works altogether –this annual is an inspiring archive of European creativity and an essential reference tool for the global creative community.

Works are divided into 6 categories: Flim & Radio, Advertising Print, Digital, Design and Promotions, New Media & Events,
and a chapter dedicated to Young European Creatives and Students.
An interactive experience

This digital book allows viewers to move, slide, amplify, and rotate images, videos and links. All pages have vertical and horizontal views, with the ability to fill the screen with images and videos for couch viewing.
What is
the ADCE?

The Art Directors Club
of Europe was founded
in 1990 as a non profit organisation which fosters and rewards excellence in European design and advertising. It’s an association of European Creative Clubs - national design and advertising professional associations from 22 countries - and is wholly owned and managed by them.
What are
the ADCE Awards?

The ADC*E Awards is the only award scheme that brings all of the award winning work from all of the European national competitions together in a single contest. The winners from all of the national competitions are eligible to participate. At the annual awards held in Barcelona, a panel of over 50 top creatives meets to select the best of European Design and Advertising for that year.
Franco Moretti,
ADCE President

“In the era of globalisation in which the constant of change is accelerating ever so fast, the purpose of the ADCE remains the same: to contrast the homologation of creativity.

To understand the course of change we must strip our profession down to its core competency and that is, quite simply, knowledge: knowledge of the local consumer, the local marketplace, the local brand or product relevance. What we do with this knowledge is to convert it into powerful ideas. We advertising creative are storytellers and what must be defined is how we tell our stories, making them relevant to the contemporary local audience now and in the future. In this complex environment of information overload, the successful creative professionals will be communication and business partners to their clients, not just advertising suppliers.

We must continue with our knowledge acquisition to be able to deliver relevant, effective communication packages. We must accept, embrace and understand change. Advertising will not go away in this brave changing world; it will be rejuvenated and we must celebrate the idea. This annual is nothing more than that.”