The Land of Free Press

Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat is Finland’s largest newspaper. Finland is also one of the leading countries in press freedom, which is also one of paper’s core values. Globally press freedom is at risk, not least because of presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. In June 2018, the two presidents held their first official summit in Helsinki. The paper confronted the two most powerful men in the world by placing outdoor ads on their route welcoming them to the land of free press.


Creative Director
Erno Reinikainen
Director of Photography
Petri Siikanen
Agency Producer
Jari Lähteinen
Production Company
Jerry Strengell
Chief Creative Officer
Jyrki Poutanen
Creative Content Strategist
Aki Toivonen
Campaign Analyst
Jesse Korhonen
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Iman Chellaf
Sofia Kaura-Aho
Leni Vehkaluoto
Data Analyst
Esa Roponen
Account Director
Noora Murremëki
Project Manager
Mira Sallanko
Production AD
Harry Huttunen
Graphic Designer
Maria Dunaeva
Senior Creative
Sami Kelahaara