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This year we are celebrating the 29th ADCE Best of European Design and Advertising Awards, a special edition adapted to the exceptional Covid-19 situation. We’ve reduced our entry fees to encourage the participation of as many local winners as possible and the jury will mainly take place online.

In addition, this special edition includes new categories that respond to communication, creativity and industry changes and also reflect local clubs needs. Keep reading to find out more!

The new categories give more space for craft, both in advertising (film, music, animation, photography, and illustration) and design (drawing, photography, typography, data visualisation, and digital service experience).

Promotions and New Media have been renamed as Brand Experience, and they now include promotions, brand activation, and PR. Integration and Innovation now includes branded content and best use of data.

Work will be then judged across eight categories: Film & Audio, Print & Outdoor, Interactive & Mobile, Design, Brand Experience, Integrated and Innovation, and European Student of the Year and European Young Creative to celebrate young talent.


ADCE Special Awards: Genius Loci and European Star

The new ADCE Genius Loci Award has been created to celebrate the values of Europe’s diverse local cultures. It rewards creative excellence with the power to reveal a European location’s distinctive atmosphere, the spirit of a particular place within the exceptionally rich European cultural heritage. It should stand out across all ADCE categories and can come from any category in show.

Similarly, the European Star Award was created last year and still looks for ideas that reflect European values such as diversity and inclusion, environment and sustainability, freedom, justice and the promotion of peace.

Both awards should stand out across all ADCE categories and can come from any category. They can be commercially driven or done for good, they should have had a real impact on society, and they must be comprehensible throughout Europe.