ADCE to Bridge the Creativity Gap

As part of our continued commitment to the creative industries and to European collaboration, we are joining forces with four top creative education organisations to develop a project to address the creative skills gap between education and industry.

D&AD, together with ADCE, Fab Lab Barcelona – IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), University of Oulu and the Kersnikova Institute, and within the framework of the European Union Erasmus+ Programme, have been awarded funding to develop Bridging the Creativity Gap (BCG).


We’ve long been aware of the challenges that students and young graduates face when they finish their studies and need to quickly adapt to a fast-pacing creative industry. Programmes like our Creative Express and High Potentials are crafted especially to accompany young creatives and help them make these first steps under guidance from industry leaders. These are, however, yearly opportunities with a specific timeframe and limited capacity, so we wanted to do more.

Also, having identified this, ADCE members and Award Partners D&AD invited us to work together to address the issue. Although we are still in the early stages of the project, which started in January 2021 and will finish at the end of 2023, we couldn’t wait to introduce its main objectives and, of course, our fantastic partners. We look forward to sharing more updates on the project as it develops, but for now, here is our blueprint.

The Project

Paul Drake, Foundation Director at D&AD reflects on how the project took shape: “Bridging the Creativity Gap came about because the project partners shared the same concern; that what is often taught in creative education is not providing some of the key skills the industry, and those wanting to work in it, needs. The partnership provides a great opportunity to bring together industry insight with educational expertise to develop innovative learning materials that will enable students and tutors to learn new subjects, rarely taught.”

Drawn on a detailed analysis of needs from D&AD and Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE), Bridging the Creativity Gap aims to produce a series of virtual learning programmes which will draw upon innovative learning methodologies, industry leaders and subject experts. All will be available free of charge to tutors, students and a wider community looking to develop skills such as ideation & critical thought, entrepreneurial mindset and knowing industry processes in advertising, branding, visual communications, graphic design, service design, product design and interactive design.


In Bridging the Creativity Gap, D&AD, ADCE, Fab Lab Bcn (IAAC), Kersnikova Institute and University of Oulu have partnered to attain the following objectives:

  • Produce a Learning Curriculum encompassing those skills demanded by the creative industry to enable the prosperous incorporation into the industry and career development.
  • Explore a global-local framework for shifting the content of learning and the mechanisms by which it is delivered to more closely mirror the challenges of the creative industry.
  • Design, create and validate interactive OERs (videos, podcasts, tutorials) to properly address the skills gaps among BCG target groups.
  • Promote creative industry tutors’ professional development, adapting their key competences to the new challenges (e.g., digital and technological innovations)
  • Showcase, disseminate and replicate proven methodologies, tools, and practices for the EU creative education and training ecosystem.
The Partners
Although they almost don’t need introduction, not many people know that they are an education charity that invests all surpluses from their globally recognised Awards into education programmes that help new talent prosper and pave the way into the creative industries.

As leaders of the project, they put together the main lines of the programme and identified the best partners to make it happen.
Fab Lab Bcn
Part of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, where it supports different educational and research programs related with the multiple scales of the human habitat, Fab Lab Bcn is also the headquarters of the global coordination of the Fab Academy program in collaboration with the Fab Foundation and the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms. The Fab Academy is a distributed platform of education and research in which each Fab Lab operates as a classroom and the planet as the campus of the largest University in construction in the world, where students learn about the principles, applications, and implications of digital manufacturing technology.
Kersnikova Institute
A non-profit and non-governmental cultural organisation founded by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana, it serves as an institutional frame for three progressive venues: Kapelica Gallery, a world renown platform for contemporary investigative arts, the hacker space Rampa, where relations between society, science, technology and art are being reconsidered, and the inspirational laboratory BioTehna, which focuses on the artistic research of living systems.
University of Oulu
Founded in 1958, it is one of the biggest and the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland, and it is centered in creating new knowledge, well-being, and innovations for the future through research and education.


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