Mission & Manifesto

The Art Directors Club of Europe – ADCE – is a non-for-profit organisation created in 1990 by a group of professional design and advertising associations from across Europe.

Owned and managed by its members, ADCE stands for the value of Europe’s cultural diversity, simultaneously favouring and benefiting European national clubs.

Internationally recognised as an authoritative voice, ADCE represents the best of local European advertising and design in an increasingly globalised market.


ADCE passionately believes that only if we are a diverse, connected and collaborative European creative community can we solve complex problems.

ADCE is the platform where the creative community unites to interact and foster, explore, celebrate and promote creativity as a multi-solution approach.

ADCE educates, inspires and exchanges knowledge and experience by leveraging the diversity of European creativity.


To those who chase a dream in life – the obstinate, the tenacious, the committed, the sincere, the open-minded.

To those who strive for excellence, work to a higher standard and never give up.

To those with passion for crafting detail.

To those who place integrity before profit and believe in the triumph of enthusiasm over scepticism.

To those committed to honour excellence beyond prejudice, cultural borders and national differences.

To those with the vision and ability to challenge what is accepted.

To those who never stop dreaming.