The #ViralCreativeExpress came to an end with 10 inspirational ideas to tackle the Covid-19 crisis

A total of 36 young talents from 17 European countries have participated over the past weekend in the Creative Express 9th edition. The #ViralCreativeExpress has challenged its young participants to develop ideas and communication strategies to face and fight the many issues that are coming up with the Covid-19 crisis.

After three intense days of preparation, where teams have held work sessions combined with inspiring conversations with mentors and even yoga sessions, the resulting ten campaigns have been unveiled online this past Sunday evening through a Youtube LiveCheck all the campaigns below:

Team 1: Eurovision Song of Hope

The first team concept is called Eurovision Song of Hope and aims to use music as a way to unite countries together. Participants in this team propose to tandem with Eurovision, the most well-known European music channel, and work with this year’s representatives of every country to generate a movement that will get people in their houses to sing together in order to spread hope. People from different countries will also be able to meet, join and sing together through an online interactive platform they will find at the Eurovision’s website.

Participants: Roman Krmášek, copywriter, Czech Republic; Marcos Noguero Machado, art director, Spain; Alisa Mezhenska, art director, Ukraine; Ruby Corcoran, graphic designer, Ireland. Coach: Hannes Böker.

Team 2: The Pandemic Declaration of Human Wrongs

When the last European country is reopening its borders the virus might be gone, but it will have left a path of destruction throughout our society. For this reason, the second team has created The Pandemic Declaration of Human Wrongs, an awareness campaign to recognize the mistakes that humans make and the destruction that comes from them, so that we can emerge from this pandemic as a stronger and more united Europe than we were before.

Participants: Vytautė Petkevičiūtė, copywriter, Lithuania; Sara Benito, art director, Spain; Lydia Körner, freelance, Austria; Ciara Gilmartin, art director, Ireland. Coach: Michael Stiebel.

Team 3: Hungry for Europe

Hungry for Europe is the third team project. Their idea is to launch a platform that matches visitors with random people in Europe for a dinner date to share with them a bite of their culture, a bite of their life, a bite of their country and, mainly, allow them to avoid solitude and boredom. To bring it further, they also suggest that European politicians take a seat at the same table to discuss the future of the Union.

Participants: Anouk Karrer, copywriter, Switzerland; Rita Raziūnaitė, designer, Lithuania; Mira Ilieva, producer, Germany/Bulgaria; Mireia Quincoces, graphic designer, Spain. Coach: Charlotte Bufler.

Team 4: The Good News Monday

The fourth team has presented The Good News Monday, a European movement that takes over newspapers, one day a week, and publishes only good news blasting the European citizens with optimism. The team argues that good news is very necessary and has many benefits for people, for example promoting good immunity.

Participants: Wil Carvalho, copywriter, Portugal; Luka Appelberg, graphic designer, Finland; Tania Hernandez, designer, Germany/Spain; Mary Pillakouri, graphic designer, Cyprus. Coach: Marjorieth Sanmartin.

Team 5: The Newropean Union

The fifth team proposal is called The Newropean Union, a project that aims to turn isolation into therapeutic interaction and hope for millions of people, by creating a Europe without borders in a digital world through Minecraft. The platform pretends to bring millions of people together to be united in their isolation and make the future exciting again by creating a place that celebrates life.

Participants: Robert Ghiță, copywriter, Romania; Lilla Mayer, visual communication designer, Finland/Hungary; Stephanie Renz, designer & planner, Germany; Laura Munné, graphic designer, Spain. Coach: Juliana Paracencio.

Team 6: Live in Europe

Because Covid-19 has brought back physical and invisible borders, the sixth team has worked on a project called Live in Europe. A digital platform that connects people from different countries to share and experience their culture, and brings joy, freedom and the security of traveling in Europe again with the help of Airbnb hosts.

Participants: Tomáš Romanec, copywriter, Slovakia; Hans-Erik Põldoja, designer, Estonia; Marco Peluso, art director & graphic designer, Italy; João Araújo, art director, Portugal. Coach: Marcelo Lourenço.

Team 7: Donate your Ego

The seventh team concept comes from the basis that humans are egocentric by nature and the conviction that this characteristic cannot be changed. Under this hypothesis, they have decided to create the web Donate your ego to use selfishness to save others.

Participants: Sara Pérez, copywriter, Spain; Jan Říha, designer, Czech Republic; Viktor Synkov, copywriter, Ukraine; Karin Hykšová, copywriter, Slovakia. Coach: Jamshid Alamuti.

Team 8 (I): Europe Sounds

The eighth team has submitted two projects. The first one is Europe Sounds, a challenge to create the largest European orchestra in the world through a site where musicians are all Europeans and instruments are cups, tables, pipes, hammers, etc. Separately, the symphony sounds weird, but by bringing together all the musicians, the greatest anthem in Europe is created.

Participants: Andrii Klymenko, copywriter, Ukraine; Michel Kissling, art director, Switzerland; Victoria Smith, photographer, UK; Gonçalo Ramos, graphic designer, Germany/Portugal. Coach: HP Albrecht.

Team 8 (II): Europe's First Times

The second idea of team 8 is called Europe’s First Times and bases itself on the idea that when people fantasize about what they would like to do after quarantine, they focus on the ‘when’ and not on the feeling. They propose to motivate people to relive all of these things for the first time again, focusing on their feelings rather than on the time, with a new Instagram sticker.

Participants: Andrii Klymenko, copywriter, Ukraine; Michel Kissling, art director, Switzerland; Victoria Smith, photographer, UK; Gonçalo Ramos, graphic designer, Germany/Portugal. Coach: HP Albrecht.

Team 9: Sofa Tours

Finally, the ninth group has presented Sofa Tours, the first virtual travel agency that will give people the ability to travel from their homes while supporting the tourism industry. Money raised from each tour will go directly to a fund that helps local businesses.

Participants: Ella Pichon-Flannery, copywriter, UK; Sebastian Lou, graphic designer, Austria; Agnese Mignone, art director, Italy; Daniil Smirnov, copywriter, Russia. Coach: Amir Kassaei.