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Car vs Piano

Russian drivers are real optimists who believe car accidents can be avoided simply by driving safely. In fact, however, accidents are unpredictable.
Intouch car insurance company wanted to make them question this false belief by using a real experiment aimed at encouraging them to consider buying a "no fault" car insurance. To prove how unpredictable accidents are, a 350 KG grand piano was suspended from nine ropes above a car in a Moscow garage for seven days. Twice a day, an unforeseen daily event could result into one rope being cut. A growing number of intrigued visitors eagerly waited to see whether or not another rope would be cut through a live broadcast and twitter feed.
On the 6th day the piano fell down on the car, proving that even if it isn't possible to save the world from falling pianos, it did make more drivers purchase the client's intouch "no fault" car insurance.

BBDO Russia Group

National Award

Creative Director
Luis Tauffer
Andres Vergara
Art Director
Cloves Menezes
Lucas Zaiden
Ilya Andreyev
Polina Zabrodskaya
Director Of Photography
Park Production / INDEE Interactive
Artiom Gelvez Kostenko
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